The INTEL project aims to support Sectoral Social Partners in understanding, anticipating, preparing and managing labour and skills shortages in the private security services industry across the European Union.  

Goals of the INTEL Project

Deliver data on the extent of current labour and skills shortages in the European private security services industry

Help national Sectoral Social Partners across the EU in anticipating future skills requirements in the private security services industry

Initiate an exchange on good practices and solutions among national Sectoral Social Partners in the EU and provide recommendations for action

Project partners

The INTEL project was from 2021-2023 a joint EU Sectoral Social Partner project of the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS) and UNI Europa. CoESS and UNI Europa are recognised by the European Commission as the representative EU Sectoral Social Partners for the private security services industry, and engaged in European Sectoral Social Dialogue since 1992. The INTEL project was co-funded by the European Union and underlines the value of European Sectoral Social Dialogue for the promotion of industrial relations and for finding solutions to the challenges of workers and businesses in Europe.